Good and Fun Reads


This month, we Quills are presenting indie-reads we've enjoyed.



Robin Lythgoe, author of As the Crow Flies, is up first today. Here is what she has to say:


Lindsay Buroker is a wonderful talent in the Indie Author world. If you haven't read her stuff, you're missing out. She's a fantasy writer and has works in the steampunk and urban categories. Either way, she's good at what she does, which is writing fast-faced novels with intriguing characters, clever dialogue, wry humor, well-developed settings, and sparks flying--romantic, rhetoric, and magic. Hers was the first steampunk I ever read, and while the notion sounded interesting, I was a little dubious. Magic and Victorian-style technology? Hmm . . . 


Read more on Robin's blog here.


Kristie Kiessling is on hiatus this month, so that leaves me up next. Here are my thoughts:


With so many new books published each day, it can be difficult choosing something to read, but one genre I like to read and review from time to time, is fantasy for young readers. I enjoy the worlds created and look for those reads I would have passed on to my children when they were middle-graders. There are a number of prerequisites for me: the works may not promote behavior I think objectionable for the young reader and they must be grammatically sound. Of course, it always helps if they offer a good dose of humor. One work that met all those requirements (and it was one I quite enjoyed) is The Silver Strand, by L. J. Clarkson.


Clarkson offers a solid story for  young readers through her heroine, Isabelle. When Isabelle discovers a silver streak in her hair that causes sparkles to dance about her, she panics. So begins this story.


I laughed--frequently--over Isabelle and her friends. Clarkson has a witty sense of humor and a gift for creating quirky personality traits for her characters. They left me turning pages . . . 


For my full review go here.


For more information about L. J. Clarkson, see her site here.


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