History and Honor

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I have now had the pleasure of reading Trinity Icon, the third installment of Steve Wilson’s Michael Neill Adventures. The story opens with a tale from days long gone, when the Swedes invaded Poland. The story of the Swedes’ raid is passed through the ages, as survivors’ descendents continue to search for an icon missing from the church where Father Jakob was murdered on a snowy Christmas Eve in 1655. The story then picks up with Marine Captain Michael Neill. This time Neill is required to assist with events unfolding in Poland—events that include the antics of the Russians. Meanwhile, assassins pursue the lovely journalist, Viktoriya Gavrilenko, whom Neill met some time previously in Odessa, Russia. Viktoriya follows the story of the missing icon—a mystery that may finally be resolved, as an archeologist has found the sunken and long lost Swedish vessel on which he hopes the icon rests. Neill and others, including his love-interest, Marine Staff Sergeant Christina Arrens . . . 


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