As I See It

This month, we Quills decided to select a picture or pictures that represent some person, place or thing in our work. I decided I would go with pictures for a couple of my characters.


A reader recently asked me, if Oathtaker was a movie, who did I see playing the characters? For me, the real difficulty in this question is knowing that whatever celebrity names and faces I choose, someone will not like them. It is amazing what strong feelings we have about celebrities, either because of their past work, or possibly as a result of the bits and pieces we hear about their private lives . . . But I will give this a shot, nonetheless.


I thought I would start with my main character, Mara. Mara is a young woman who, by and large, I did not describe in Oathtaker - with one exception. I mentioned that she has a spattering of freckles across her nose. Dixon finds them amusing - attractive. The "face" I chose for Mara on my cover is that of Mybelin Hernandez. She does not have freckles, but I imagine if she ever played the part of Mara, we could add them. This is Mybelin reading Oathtaker:



Also, see the original photo used to make that cover:


Find more of Mybelin, and learn who I chose to represent Dixon (ladies, I think you will be pleased!) on my website here.


Next, we move to Robin Lythgoe, author of As the Crow Flies.



Here are Robin's comments:


The character Crow, from my novel, As the Crow Flies, is the obvious choice for this endeavor, so I'm going with him. When I wrote the book, I didn't have a picture sitting by my computer to prompt or inspire me, but I had a very strong sense of him. In fact, I didn't have a picture to represent Crow until after I started a Pinterest board for the novel. Crazy, right?


I found one fine-looking fellow, then another, then . . . my daughter came to me one day and said, "MOM! I know the perfect guy to play Crow!"


Find out more on Robin's website at


Finally, Kristie Kiessling, author of Sanguis Dei, offers her thoughts.



I have always loved deep forests and mountains. It seems natural, then, that when I began to write stories, I would set them in such green and mystical old places of the world. Some of the most inspiring images in my head are things I have seen in this world: the ancient woods of Wales, the deep canyons and caves in Pennsylvania and Arizona. There are wonders to behold in our very backyards that strike me as otherworldly.


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Thank you for joining us. Please stop by again.