Tales of Publication and Re-Publication, Part 5: Formatting

What a journey—from the days of wondering if I could or should write at all, to the days of first self-publishing, to re-working and re-publishing my first book. One certainly does live and learn . . . .


With my edits complete and while my cover was in the works, it was time to format my manuscript for publication. Initially I thought I would do the e-book myself since for the most part, that seems quite straightforward. The print version was another matter, as I wanted to include features that I did not know how to do. Further, I knew that all the issues about margin size and so forth would send my mind reeling and the truth is that I didn’t have time to try to figure out all of those things and then possibly still get them wrong. So I decided I would engage the services of a specialist.


Enter Amy Eye from The Eyes for Editing (here). I do not recall how or where I first happened across Amy's site, but when I did, I took a look at some of her work. I liked what I saw, so I contacted Amy to inquire as to whether she was taking on projects, how long it would take to prepare a work, her pricing and etc.


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