Seeing Double?

What She Saw - Sheila Lowe

I downloaded a free copy of What She Saw (Forensic Handwriting Mysteries #5), from Amazon. In exchange, I offer this, my fair and honest review.


Imagine waking on a train, rain disrupting your view of the landscape, without any knowledge of who or where you are. So begins What She Saw, by Sheila Lowe. I was immediately drawn to the young woman who I later learned was Jenna Marcott. Or was she Jessica Mack? why did she have not one, but two, identification cards? Why two addresses? Why did the police frighten her? Where was she going and from whence had she come? These and other questions were presented and fortunately, for this reader, were ultimately answered--and not in a wholly anticipated manner.


I quite enjoyed What She Saw. I thought the characters were well drawn. I could identify with the protagonists and found the villains were not always obvious--which added to the suspense of the tale. Lowe artfully added twists and turns satisfying to this reader. Indeed, if there was one downside to me, it was with regard to the technology the villains used. It seemed a bit far-fetched for me--but then, technology does continue to surprise us all, does it not?


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