Courtroom Drama

Hostile Witness - Rebecca Forster

I downloaded a free copy of Hostile Witness: A Josie Bates Thriller, from Amazon. In exchange, I offer this, my fair and honest review.


My first and foremost interest of study, I think it would be fair to say, has always been criminal law. It was the reason I went to law school—though due to a number of reasons, I have never actually practiced in the area. Even so, as I remain fascinated by the criminal mind and by the pursuit for justice, it was no mistake that I grabbed up a copy of Hostile Witness. I am glad I did. This was an engaging read, with fully drawn characters, and a mystery to solve. 


Josie Baylor-Bates is a defense attorney seeking to hide from her past—a past in which her efforts helped to free someone who it later became known, was responsible for a horrendous crime. Josie knows she did her job, but she is guilt-ridden. Enter Linda Sheraton, mother to Hannah, a troubled teenager accused of murdering Linda’s father-in-law. Hannah is a truly tragic character and her mother a truly despicable woman. When mother and daughter’s interests cannot both be met, Josie makes the only choice open to her: she chooses to help Hannah.


I quite enjoyed this read. I did, however, find one thing that did not quite settle right. That is, that Josie asks a question at trial—a question to which she did not have the answer and therefore, her asking it was in error. I understand how that could happen. What I found odd was that Josie did not go on to ask the obvious follow-up question. The witness’s own testimony put that witness at the crime scene and that witness was interested in placing the blame on Hannah. Pointing the finger in the witness’s direction may have created the reasonable doubt the jury would have needed. Notwithstanding this one issue, I enjoyed this journey immensely and recommend it to others!


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