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Sanctimonious Serial Killers - Michael Segedy

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite.


In Sanctimonious Serial Killers, by Michael Segedy, readers will find what essentially amounts to two mysteries. The first is the mystery of a serial killer that Rick Clark and his colleague and love-interest, Marty Robin, track. The two of them have a particular interest in the case, as the Bedsheet Serial Killer is believed responsible for the death of Chloe Sisley, a young woman who is like a daughter to the dynamic law-enforcement duo. But, the facts don’t add up. Chloe had tried to contact Rick shortly before her death, clearly concerned about something, and then her boyfriend, Aaron Mast, went missing. So is presented the second mystery, one that leads Rick to Peru. There he discovers another kind of serial killer: a government that sanctions the murder of innocents in a purported claim to save others.


Michael Segedy offers a tragic character in Rick Clark. It seems that a night of alcohol in his young days ended in tragedy. He doesn’t drink again until Chloe’s death. His rounds with the demon-spirit make him real and a bit frustrating at times. For her part, Marty is so headstrong as to attempt to meet evil face on—and solo. Finally, when Aaron Mast tries to disappear for safety, he makes himself vulnerable to those willing to go to the deepest reaches to keep their secrets safe. Throughout, Michael Segedy offers some standard information about sociopathic serial killers while proposing there is another type as well: the type that acts with government-sanctioned power. 


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