Dark Secrets . . . Great Hope

Hope For Garbage - Alex Tully

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite. (Please note that Hope for Garbage also earned a 5-star review from Readers' Favorite.)


Trevor McNulty, just a teenager, has faced more difficulties in his short life than many will ever do, in Hope for Garbage, by Alex Tully. Trevor’s father walked out on the family some years back.  As for his mother—well, all that transpired with her is ultimately revealed but suffice it to say, her actions emotionally scarred Trevor. Living with a crazy alcoholic uncle who is Trevor’s only surviving family, Trevor is befriended by a kind neighbor man, Tim Tyminski, whom Trevor dubs Mr. T. Enter Bea, a young woman Trevor meets when hunting for salvageable garbage he can fix-up for resale or to give to needy children, Lorene, the woman who keeps house for Bea’s family, Bea’s crazy mother, and Trevor’s counselor, and you have the makings for a story that will keep you coming back for more.


Throughout Hope for Garbage, by Alex Tully, the reader knows Trevor harbors dark secrets, but is encouraged by Trevor’s outlook on life. Notwithstanding his hard times, he is caring and giving. It was refreshing to see this, as so often we see difficult times used as explanations, if not excuses, for going wrong. While it is understandable when such things occur, it is not the story told by every person who has withstood trouble and Trevor’s story is a welcome relief to the standard fare. Readers will quickly connect with Trevor and look forward to his catching a break. Hope for Garbage gives readers hope for themselves and for those who have struggled to survive and to live admirably.


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