Finding Forgiveness

Vietnam Redemption...Full Circle - Joseph C. Baginski MSW

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite.


Forty-three years after serving in the U.S. military in Vietnam, 43 years after witnessing acts that offended his conscience, 43 years after carrying around guilt for his part in a war, Jo returns to Vietnam, in Vietnam Redemption . . . Full Circle, by Joseph C. Baginski. Little could Joe know that the most important mission he would see to while visiting the country of his former enemy, would be one of seeking solace for his heart, forgiveness for his sins and healing of his psyche. Moreover, Joe could not have known that in doing so, he also would assist others in finding their own internal peace. Four decades and more was a long time to repress memories and for Joe, a trip to Vietnam brought him “full circle.”


Largely told through dialogue between three new friends, Joseph C. Baginski presents a story that will urge readers to continue on, in Vietnam Redemption . . . Full Circle. Joe tells of a fellow soldier, John Berry, who had encouraged Joe to look deeper into the spiritual truth and significance of the events he was experiencing. But Joe, a young man sent to war, trying to stay alive, was not to discover the full truth of John’s words for many years. Now, with an American travel-mate and a Vietnamese tour guide, Joe looks back upon events that transpired during those long ago days.


In Vietnam Redemption . . . Full Circle, Joseph C. Baginski shares a message for anyone seeking healing of any kind, from any injury, whether self-inflicted or brought on by the actions of others. For anyone who has repressed memories and pain, for anyone who seeks to find freedom and cleansing (and really, is there anyone who cannot say they have done these things?), Vietnam Redemption . . . Full Circle delivers fundamental truths worthy of careful and thorough examination that will bring peace to one’s soul.


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