Another Mystery

Tales of the Dragonfly: Book II: In Flight - Tamara Ferguson

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite.


Sam and Penny long sought one another, but neither knew of the interest of the other. Their journey to reunite is at the center of the mystery Tamara Ferguson presents in Tale of the Dragonfly: Book II: In Flight. Sam is the local police chief in the Wisconsin town in which he met Penny years before. For her part, Penny moved to New York where she handles her family’s floral business while caring for her autistic son. When they spend time together at the wedding of mutual friends back in Wisconsin, Sam determines it is time to pursue Penny. Each had left a failed marriage behind and Penny had been abused by her former husband. Consequently, they have some difficulty in learning to trust one another. While their mutual friends support their reunion, someone else has another plan in mind, a plan that could leave Penny dead.


Tale of the Dragonfly, set in a lovely Wisconsin lake town, includes a host of characters. In it, Tamara Ferguson has presented a story of intrigue, mystery and love. When Vanessa, the woman Sam (thought he) had divorced, shows up in town and is later found dead, the police and FBI try to put the pieces together. All the while, Sam and Penny seek to determine whether they have a future together. When it becomes clear that Vanessa’s murder was personal, readers will urge Sam on as he rushes to solve the mystery before harm might befall his beloved Penny.


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