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Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle - Alinka Rutkowska

Maya and Fillipo, those two siblings and best friends that tour the world in their cruise ship with their parents and pet cat, Otello, are off to a new adventure in Maya & Fillipo Talk Business in Seattle, by Alinka Rutkowska. When the children view Seattle from aboard the Fun Princess, they find skyscrapers, the Space Mountain, and Mount Rainier, all rendered wonderfully by the illustrator, Konrad Checinksi. Once their feet reach terra firma, the children tour the city. There they visit the market, where fruits and vegetables are traded and where they learn that vendors sell their goods there, rather than through a middleman, so as to earn more for themselves. Then the children visit the Space Needle. Along the way, they learn that the guide is frustrated with not earning enough money, though he is a busy man. Finally, they meet the owner of a building they can see from the Space Needle who is plenty wealthy—he just doesn’t have time to spend his money.


Alinka Rutkowska, has delivered in Maya & Fillipo Talk Business in Seattle, another helpful life lesson for young people. This time they learn that it is not how much wealth one has that makes a person happy, though not having enough can certainly make life more difficult. In any case, some people like their simple jobs, while others complain of their “big jobs.” Rutkowska follows the story up with a quiz to test reading comprehension and with facts about Seattle. Young readers are sure to enjoy the journey and delight in Checinski’s quirky illustrations, and parents and teachers will appreciate the helpful lesson guides provided. All aboard for a great adventure, young readers!


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