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Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway - Alinka Rutkowska

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite.


As readers are sure to do in the future, I’ve followed along with Maya and Filippo on a few of their adventures of late. This time, with Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway, by Alinka Rustkowska, I joined Maya and Filippo, two children who live on a ship at sea with their parents and cat, Otello, to visit Skagway, Alaska. Here, for the first time, the siblings, also best friends, separate for the day. Maya and Mom take a train trip on the White Pass, while Filippo, experiencing a difficult day, goes with Dad to the playground. First, Filippo gets rained upon—but that is just the beginning of his troubles. Even so, he learns something important along the way, a lesson worth sharing with young readers: no day is so bad that it cannot turn around and things look better when one is not grumpy and complaining.


The illustrations in Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway, by Konrad Checinski, are delightful, bold and colorful. The story, by Alinka Rustkowska, urges young readers to follow along and perhaps even to create adventures of their own. This time youngsters will visit Skagway, learn a little something about the White Pass and about hiking in bear country. Following the story, teachers and parents can test children’s comprehension and can share further information with them about the Alaska Gold Rush and about safe hiking practices. All aboard, young readers! Next stop: Skagway, Alaska. Don’t forget to bring along, your sense of fun and adventure! 


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