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Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier - Alinka Rutkowska

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite.


Two young ones fascinated by the world around them engage in another adventure in Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier, by Alinka Rutkowska. Living on board a cruise ship with their parents and curious cat, Otello, they dock in Juneau, Alaska. Excited to see a glacier, Maya and Filippo set out with their guide. Along the way, they learn about Mendenhall Glacier and the creeks and dry land created when ice melts, where bears and salmon make their homes. The young adventurers discover a bear that is preparing to lunch and learn about them and about how they hibernate. Finally, they discover a fireweed, a flower used to predict the coming of summer and later, of fall. All in all, a happy, fun and educational day for Maya and Filippo becomes one also for young readers.


Alinka Rutkowska offers children a unique way to visit various ports of the world, the latest in Maya and Filippo Visit a Glacier. Accompanied by Konrad Checinski’s colorful and creative artwork, children will happily turn pages and are sure to revisit the tale time and again. Parents and teachers will find the quiz aid at the end of the book helpful for measuring understanding and comprehension. Finally, the “Did You Know?” facts at the end provide further details about bears, the differences between them and the koalas that Maya and Filippo discovered in Australia on one of their previous adventures, and further facts about the City of Juneau and the State of Alaska. One of a set of Maya and Filippo adventures, the entire series is sure to delight.


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