Undercover Plots

The Incendiary Agent - Joseph C. Reiss

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite.


When Nathan Frost discovers terrorists seeking to destroy U.S. currency, he stumbles upon an undercover plot to bring mass destruction to New York City, destruction on a level that would make the events of 9/11 seem small by comparison. Joseph C. Reiss introduces Agent Frost in The Incendiary Agent, a man who evades the rules as and when he deems it necessary to see his mission to conclusion. Drawn by the lovely Diana Calabrese, he enlists her aid along with that of some additional law enforcement cohorts. Together they follow the counterfeit plot and, over the course of 72 hours, circumvent the plans of the Russian mob and an array of international terrorists.


The Incendiary Agent is a fast paced thriller, so much so that I was surprised to find the ultimate resolution of the matter brought about in a just a few paragraphs. Even so, I cheered for the good guys! Also, at times Frost seems to enjoy stepping outside the rules a bit too much (an idea reinforced when he tells of the manner in which he disposed of someone who had hurt a friend of his, as a consequence of which the agency recruited him, all without any remorse on his part—though he had clearly taken the law in his own hands). Even so, Frost is made a more sympathetic character when he laments the loss of a good cop whose name he had used and who was killed as a consequence thereof. In the end, readers are content to learn that Frost is willing to do the hard things, not to benefit himself, but in exchange for protecting the freedom of others. 


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