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The Stock Market is Predictable: Exploit Proven Seasonal  Patterns for Higher Returns - Francis Yee

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Readers will be happy to learn from Francis Yee, in The Stock Market is Predicable, basics that will assist them in making their investments. Written with an eye particularly toward those with funds in 401(k) plans, IRAs, Keoghs and the like, Yee successfully makes the market and investments understandable to the newbie investor.  He sets forth the basics of different investment vehicles, paying particular attention to mutual funds and also of the cost to invest in different kinds of vehicles. Then Yee discusses the importance of some basic tax law. Once done, he summarizes predicable, seasonal market influences.


In The Stock Market is Predictable, readers will learn of the importance of researching the stocks and funds in which they might invest to learn primarily of their management, goods, and market placement. Francis Yee then explains stock market patterns and in particular what he dubs the Winter Pattern and the Summer Pattern. Readers will learn the main causes of those patterns. They will also learn when and how to trade out their investments so as to maximize their profits by taking those patterns into account. While I have general knowledge of the different kinds of plans that hold funds for investing (such as 401(k) plans) as well as tax law, I genuinely appreciated learning Yee’s approach to maximizing investment earnings. Any reader looking for a helpful primer on investment strategy would do well to spend some time with The Stock Market is Predictable. If they do so, I predict their own earnings may increase.


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