Looking for Meaning

Life Can Be a Miracle - Ivinela Samuilova

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite.


Though she studied to be a theologian, trusting that it would offer her something deeply meaningful, poor Adie cannot figure out her life mission. Ivinela Smuilova has created a sympathetic character in Adie, one with whom many will likely identify, in Life Can Be a Miracle. Like so many, Adie struggles because, although bright and talented, surrounded by those who care for her and with a satisfying job that she is good at, Adie is lost. She is lost in a world in which she knows she has a calling, but knows not what that calling is. In her journey, she joins a group of other like-minded people who find that traditional therapy and counseling just causes more confusion. With their help and the use of some interesting exercises, Adie determines that she is not searching, she is finding. Once done, she is open to the clues revealed and discovers her calling.


At times, Adie’s was pessimistic, yet she repeatedly grasped those bits that life handed to her and found their greater meaning. In Life Can be a Miracle, many will discover the miracle of thinking your way out of a situation, changing the behavior of others through your own thoughts, reducing the impact of a problem by removing the seriousness of it, and how a higher power may be speaking through life’s smallest and seemingly most insignificant events. Ivinela Smuilova has created a story that will challenge readers to look at life from new angles and perhaps to try new ways. 


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