Going Rogue

Haunting Memories from a Troubled Past - Ellie DeFarr

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite.


Hera Hunter is a military trained sniper gone rogue. In Haunting Memories from a Troubled Past, by Ellie DeFarr, Hera takes it upon herself to assassinate Clyde Pettipher, a man who could not be convicted of child molestation and murder because the star witness against him went missing. This is not Hera’s first such kill, but from the opening pages, she is haunted not only with nightmares from her past, but also now with a new fear. She fears her vigilante ways have become known by the Bond Street Alliance, a secret group operating in the city of Centreville to get things done where the ordinary legal and political machinations do not work, a group that would like to enlist Hera’s aid. While she investigates the murder of Ida Bunce, the story introduces a wide array of colorful characters. We meet Hera’s drinking buddy, Gwen, a thief; her best friend and a police detective, Letty; her “foster” sister and the madam of a local brothel, Billy; her assistant, a computer specialist whom she brought into her enterprise rather than turn into the police, Toby; and her love interest Mac McDuff; among others.  Throughout, Hera seeks to determine the connection between Ida’s murder and the Bond Street Alliance.


Ellie DeFarr has painted a seriously pained and tragic figure in Hera Hunter. While she is a fully functioning private investigator, she is flawed personally and psychologically. Perhaps it is this that keeps Hera from facing some truths set before her, though the facts suggest on several occasions that not all is as it seems. Some may even find it odd that Hera is willing to take serious action against some criminals, while she befriends and protects numerous others, even going so far as to purchase their services. With the unusual mix of personalities and justifications that grace these pages, readers are sure to want to see Hera successfully unravel the mysteries and may wonder if she ever second guesses her own mission.