Will You Bee My Honey?


Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite.


One of a series of children’s educational books, Honeybee’s Poem, by Jeanettte Vuuren, is the fifth in a twelve part series about honeybees, which is part of the greater Clever Minds Series.  In Honeybee’s Poem, Vuuren offers general information about honeybees, much of which is elaborated upon in other editions in the series.  Told in the form of a poem, and accompanied by lively, colorful illustrations by Sudipta Dasgupta, Honeybee’s Poem is presented in a simple to read font.  Opening with a hive hanging from a tree, the text instructs young readers about how a honeybee hatches from an egg to larva, spins a cocoon, and ultimately breaks free. The bee’s eyes, tongue, antennae, thorax, legs, and other body parts are presented in colorful and interesting illustrations.  Vuuren then proceeds to identify the queen bee, drones and worker bees by gender and chore. 


The general information in Honeybee’s Poem is instructional and easy to understand and is presented in an easy to read format.  Added to the text are delightful illustrations.  The bright yellow, smiling honeybees forage from flower to flower, and even share a dance with their cohorts to instruct them as to where those flowers may be found.  Followed by a wordlist, teachers will have found a teaching aid that includes all the important information at the turn of a page.  Best of all, children will be turning those pages quickly and repeatedly as they investigate the lively and curious world of the honeybee.


Find out more about the author on her GoodReads page here and on her Amazon page, here.  Honeybee's Poem is available on Amazon here.


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