Young Love

Starlet's Run - Carla J. Hanna

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Liana Marie Michael is a starlet in love.  She is also a cancer survivor, having been given a drug by those in authority over her, that was intended to keep her young but that in fact caused her illness. In Startlet’s Run, Lia is confronted with how to handle her medical problems while also seeking to solidify her relationship with Manuel. Carla J. Hanna has presented a realistic picture of young love, if not a sobering one from time to time. Lia and Manuel are confronted with the difficulties presented by parents and family who want them to wait beyond their 18 years to be married, and by friends—or former friends more like—who seek to benefit by providing secret information to the press. While wanting to begin a life together that may be cut short if Lia’s disease progresses, Lia and Manuel also recognize the significance of the meaning of “forever” that would come with marriage.


Lia is purported to be quite mature, and I suspect in many ways she is, but witnessing the dark side of life or sitting on a fortune is not the same as acquiring the maturity to handle the issues life presents.  In this regard, Startlet’s Run offered some fairly traditional teenage angst and lack of wisdom. Lia and Manuel are faced with differences in the things they love and love to do, the things they believe and religions they practice, and perhaps most significantly, the pain and almost debilitating jealously they each experience with the knowledge of those love interests who have come before them. While the jealously and continuous “feelings of love” seemed at times a bit overdone, the relationship seemed believable in light of the young lovers inexperience in life. I quite liked Manuel and his desire to earn his own way and be his own man, though he could have merely sat back and expected to live on Lia’s millions.  I also appreciated that after voicing his demands, Manuel discovered that while he might not like Lia’s continuing her career, his relationship with her would depend on his coming to terms with that truth.  Starlet’s Run, by Carla J. Hanna, which examines young love in the context of a rich young starlet, is sure to be enjoyed and followed by the young and young at heart who would like a peek into the world of the rich and famous.


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