Child's Play

Maya & Filippo Play Chef at Sea - Alinka Rutkowska, Konrad Checinski

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite.


From the front cover to the last page, children will delight in the almost childlike and always colorful and quirky illustrations that accompany Maya & Filippo Play Chef at Sea, by Alinka Rutkowska. This tale is another in the series of Maya & Filippo, stories that tells of siblings who live on a beautiful cruise ship with their parents and their cat, Otello. On board, Maya and Filippo travel the world, discovering new places and “how things work.” 


In Maya & Filippo Play Chef at Sea, Maya and Filippo, while crossing the Tasman Sea, decide to join the ship’s chef and a group of other children to make cakes. The fun begins as they crack eggs, pour milk, sift flour, and add their own special ingredients. The point of the exercise, Maya points out to another of the traveling children, is to have fun and to try something new. Along the way, Maya and Filippo learn that when they cooperate and communicate with one another, they may both accomplish all of what they desire, rather than only half.


The story of Maya and Filippo will excite the imagination of children who might wonder what it would be like to live at sea.  Alinka Rutkowska, in Maya & Filippo Play Chef at Sea, takes children on just such a journey, providing them with some basic geographic information (about where lies the Tasman Sea), some good advice about working in a kitchen (wash your hands first!) and a valuable lesson about cooperation and communication. 


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