Faith and Prayer

Red Sky at Morning - Steve Wilson

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite.


First Lt. Michael Neill, born of American parents living in the Ukraine back in the days of the Soviets, is the protagonist to whom Steve Wilson introduces readers in Red Sky at Morning.  Neill is uniquely situated for a mission in the Ukraine, to uncover information about a new Russian aircraft responsible for taking down a U.S. military aircraft that had flown off-course during a storm in the vicinity of the China-Russia borders.  The story captures Neill’s faith and the significance it plays when he works with a former family Ukrainian friend and fellow believer, Colonel Andrei Ulyanov.  Together, Neill and Ulyanov discover the plans of two terrorists, originally commissioned by some from among the highest ranking in the Russian government, who have stolen a nuclear warhead and intend to use it to bring chaos to the former Soviet satellite country.  But things go terribly awry when one of the terrorists pre-programs the warhead to detonate, using a code that goes with him to his grave.  Will Neill and Ulyanov succeed in capturing the last living terrorist and in shutting down the warhead before its countdown is complete?


Steve Wilson brings with Red Sky at Morning, a story that emphasizes the significance of faith and that demonstrates the power of prayer.  Neill is presented as a caring Christian who remembers, even in the most dire of times, those less fortunate.  He is a man of honor who, though intrigued by the beautiful Viktoriya Gavrilenko, a Ukrainian journalist digging for a story, puts duty first.  Readers will be encouraged as they follow the efforts of those who exercise their power by remembering first their principles.


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