Holiday Warmth and Togetherness

Fuzzball's Christmas Eve Adventure - Kathi M. Nidd

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite.


The Christmas season is a time for stories of family and warmth and togetherness and that is precisely what Kathi M. Nidd delivers in Fuzzballs’s Christmas Eve Adventure. When Fuzzball goes out for a Christmas Eve walk with David, happily awaiting and anticipating all the things that are to come later in the evening, his collar slips and he runs free. Before Fuzzball knows what has happened, he is lost. How is he to do all the his special jobs for David and Daphne on this very special evening if he is not found in time? Who will sit quietly with the guests, pose for photos with Daphne’s nieces and nephews and snuggle up to Grandpa who has been so sad since Grandma’s death? 


As Fuzzball seeks for home, he is comforted by a lovely woman who is reminded of her own childhood pet, a homeless man who seeks a moment of Fuzzball’s company and finally, an officer who prepares to take Fuzzball home. Just in time, David turns up and Fuzzball is able to see to his Christmas Eve duties. But, his escapade has played on the heart of a woman who will call her sister for the first time in years, using the memory of their childhood pet as a way to open communications. Likewise, a homeless man determines he will reach out to the social worker who has offered him help. Finally, a young officer decides his children should have that pet they have so longed for and will visit a shelter with them after Christmas to adopt a dog.


It is the simple things that change hearts at the time of Christmas. It is the unexpected displays of affection and giving that move people to do and to try things they might not otherwise have done or tried. It is a time for healing personal relationships, seeking answer to prayer and bringing unexpected joy to children and to our elders. Kathi M. Nidd has, in Fuzzball’s Christmas Eve Adventure, presented a story to children that will give meaning to the holiday that goes beyond the gifts and the treats. With insight from Kidd’s story, children will see the importance of comforting others, of building lifetime memories with their families and of sharing hope for the future.