The Ghosts of our Past

The Saltwater Ghost - Shiela Jane

In The Saltwater Ghost, we meet Alden Jurrien who has spent years in India teaching Senior English, in his effort to run from an ex-wife and emotional past. But, when a position opens at Abegweit University, located in Alden’s hometown of Saltwater, located on Prince Edward Island, Alden determines it is time to journey back home, to reacquaint himself with his children, and to face his past. There, Alden takes possession of his former family home, surprising those from days gone by with his return. It seems that Alden has carried a secret all these years, a secret that has weighed him down with guilt.


Back in the day, Alden had a best friend, Garnet, who had a girl, Dana. Alden was known as the “Goldenchild.” Though he had once been Garnet’s protector, Garnet had grown into his own and eventually began to eclipse Alden’s own successes. When the three youngsters, Alden, Garnet and Dana, met up on a cliff path just days before Christmas, something happened—something that would change the future for all three young people.  


In The Saltwater Ghost, Sheila Jane weaves a careful plot that urges the reader to continue forward and to examine the question: can one ever really return home? Also consider: are ghosts real? Comparing Alden’s story to a legend from days gone by, one that tells of a young woman who lost her love, then herself, at sea, the setting itself (Prince Edward Island) lends a mystery to this tale. Add into the mix, Alden’s efforts to re-unite with his children, his new love-interest, and a fully unsuspected discovery at the end, and the reader is delivered a truly satisfying tale.


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