A New Man in Thriller Town

Coercion - Tim Tigner

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The year 2013 was one fraught with mourning for fans of spy/espionage thrillers, with the loss of Vince Flynn in June and of Tom Clancy in October. While these great storytellers will continue to be missed long into the future, thriller fans will be pleased to learn that there is a new man in town. His name is Tim Tigner and just this fall, he published three works, including Coercion. If Tigner’s works are not on your “to be read” list as yet, wait no longer, for soon every thriller fan will be talking about them! 


Coercion is the second of Tim Tigner’s works that I have read (in as many days). Just as with the first, I was spellbound from the outset. In Coercion, one from amongst the communist party ranks, Vasily Karpov, seeks the ultimate power for himself. To reach his goal, Karpov is willing to make use of a weapon that may be detonated from any distance once inserted into the body of another. Under threat that the weapon will be activated, Karpov is then able to coerce the assistance of a person who can provide Karpov with industrial secrets and help to sabotage the efforts of American industries. When Alex Ferris discovers Karpov’s means of coercing others, he seeks to save a little girl whose life is at risk. To do so, he must discover Karpov’s identity. Ferris’s mission takes him to the heart of Siberia in the days of the Soviets.


Tim Tigner has delivered in Coercion, a tale that is sure to rank amongst the best of today’s thrillers. In the figure of Alex Ferris, a man’s man, readers will experience the rough and tumble life of falling from a plane with a parachute that does not open, trekking across the Siberian waste during a winter storm and, ultimately, vanquishing the enemy. Along the way, Ferris meets the lovely Anna Zaitseva. Though he fears he cannot be all he ought for Anna, Alex will steal a bit of every woman’s heart when he goes to extreme lengths to insure her safety. So, take heart thriller readers—men and women alike—your favorite genre has been saved. . . .


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