A Thrilling Thriller!

Flash - Tim Tigner

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite at www.ReadersFavorite.com.


Every once in awhile, a story comes along that captures a reader’s imagination from the opening pages and refuses to let go until the very last scene plays out.  Flash, by Tim Tigner, is just such a read!  When Troy awakens in the trunk of a car, accompanied by a dead body, his former military training kicks in and he, somehow, maintains his cool.  Upon hearing sounds from outside, he shouts for help.  The trunk is opened by a “pixie-like “ woman, Emmy.  Together, the two blood-covered strangers surmise that they have been set up to take the fall for the grisly murder of the man whose body remains in the trunk.  But, there is more, for the two have determined that they are missing years of their lives.  How could they both be in the same unexpected and unfamiliar place at the same time, suffering from the same condition—amnesia? Recognizing they must run quickly so as to discover the real murderer before they end up in prison themselves, the action begins, taking one or both of the team from the Cayman Islands, to Florida, to Washington D.C., and elsewhere.  All the while, Troy and Emmy are pursued by the law on one side and by the real culprits and masterminds behind the crimes on the other.


Tim Tigner has delivered, in Flash, an extraordinary thriller that has everything a reader could desire:  a well laid plot, unexpected twists and turns, eventual answers to all the mini-mysteries that are set forth along the way, great character development, sincerely genuine and likeable protagonists and fully believable and despicable villains.  When you reach for Flash, prepare to take the next few hours off, as you will be doing (or at least wanting to do) nothing but turning pages until you find yourself at the satisfying conclusion! 


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