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Healing Your Life with Water: How to use your Mind Body & Water Connection to Awaken Your Inner Fountain of Youth - Diana E. Ruiz

In Healing Your Life with Water:  How to Use Your Mind & Water Connection to Awaken Your Inner Fountain of Youth, Diana E. Ruiz reminds readers that water is the substance that makes up 70% of our bodies just as it makes up 70% of the surface of the earth.  Ruiz explains the importance of your drinking enough water on a regular basis so as to keep your body operating at optimum health.  When your body is working at its best as a consequence of drinking enough water and eating the correct foods, the groundwork is set for making other, more significant changes in life, specifically, changes to a person’s emotions, level of joy, and ability to bring joy to others.


Ruiz informs readers, in Healing Your Life with Water, about how water is the regulator of everything in a person’s body, including the body’s temperature, joint cushioning, nerve impulses and brain function.  Appropriate water intake can significantly reduce the risk of serious disease.  In additional to appropriate water intake, a person’s health can be significantly improved with a diet that helps the body to re-create itself in a timely and healthy manner.  Ruiz then draws parallels to the health of the earth itself and to mankind in general, when people pay attention to their water intake and diet and when they strive for a positive outlook in life.


Ruiz has set out simple ways to determine correct water intake, to identify the correct foods to eat, and to create a positive outlook on life.  She provides readers with simple tools for creating a peaceful and joyful state of mind.  The information is simple, easy to read and easy to put into action.   Ruiz is sure to empower others to take control of their lives and to make their lives more full, healthier and happier.  I’ll drink (water) to that!


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