Adding to my "Bucket List"

About an hour from Paris, is the Palace of Fontaintebleau.  Originally at the site—dating back to the twelfth century—was a royal hunting lodge.  The royal palace construction began in the sixteenth century.  Inside, the palace boasts great artwork; outside, complex patterned gardens.  According to UNESCO, Fontainebleau “has retained the imprint of every reign and every style:  Henri IV, Louis XIII, Louis XV and Louis XVI. . . ."  


Today, the chateau is a popular place for visitors to explore.  I read that if you walk the gardens too long and become too exhausted, a horse drawn carriage may just give you a tour back to the chateau where peacocks freely roam the grounds.  It sounds like quite the adventure. . . .




But what brings me to the Fontainebleau today is not the grounds.  Rather, here I seek—the Library, which I have added to my “bucket list” (of libraries I would like to see one day).  Photos of the library show massive globes that run down the center aisle of the room.  Unfortunately, while I found a great deal of information about the Palace itself, there does not appear to be much information available about the works housed in this library—if indeed any remain today. 


I did locate one truly excellent article about Fontainebleau that covers works held in the library from days gone by.  See:   Beyond that, does anyone know whether this library still houses works and if so, how many and covering what general subject areas?  I would be curious to know.