Dear Readers--

Oathtaker - Patricia Reding

I try to make it a rule to post about things other than my own works as much as possible.  Still, today, I felt I wanted to share with readers in general.


Of late, I have been suffering terribly from writers procrastination syndrome. It is so easy--especially for a new author--to get discouraged and to want to give up. But, I have new incentive! Just today, I got an email from one of the people who won a copy of my first work, OATHTAKER, from a giveaway that I ran on GoodReads some months ago. She was the first of the winners to contact me. I hope, if she sees this post, that she does not mind my sharing her comments here. They have given me new incentive and because of them, I have renewed my commitment to get back to it and to stop procrastinating! Here is what she said: "Hello! I won Oathtaker a while ago from a giveaway on [GoodReads] and I let my dad read it first, he absolutely loved it! The first thing he said to me upon finishing was, 'When does the next one come out?' So I was wondering the same thing since I am very much liking it so far!! Thank you so much for writing such an exciting book."


So, here is my note to all readers--you are what keeps us going!  It is our desire to please you that plays such a big part in our writing.  And when you take the time to let us know your thoughts and to write a review--well, sometimes it is just the incentive that we need to keep going!  I do a lot of reviews myself because I know how important they are to those laboring to bring fresh, exciting and new stories to you.


To all readers everywhere:  Thank you. Thank you!