The Laughs Continue!

When Did You See Her Last? - Lemony Snicket

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Lemony Snicket is back with part two of his latest series.  This time Snicket asks the wrong question: “When Did You See Her Last?”  Lemony Snicket, almost thirteen and “wrong,” apprentice to S. Theodora Markson, seeks to find the missing person, Cleo Knight.  Still in the town of Stain’d-by-the-Sea with S. Theodora (could the “S” stand for “silly”?) who believes Cleo has simply run away to join the circus, Snicket knows better.  With the assistance of the only remaining journalist in town, Moxie Mallahan, and an odd assortment of friends, Snicket follows the clues to the now abandoned hospital where Dr. Flammarion, under the direction of the real culprit, Hangfire, may be holding Cleo hostage. 


One can always depend on Lemony Snicket to deliver the laughs in his stories and When Did You See Her Last? is no exception.  Consider Snicket’s description of places such as the near ghost town that Stain’d-by-the-Sea has become since few octopi from which the ink sold by Ink, Inc., remain.  Then there are Snicket’s character descriptions like the girl with the curved eyebrows that look like question marks.  Snicket also delivers laughs through his characters’ foolish antics, such as Theodora who rings all doorbells six times (for no apparent reason) and the law enforcement couple’s son, Stew, who is responsible for making the sounds of the siren for the town patrol car as it rides through town. 


But the surest sign that you are reading a Snicket tale, and the one thing certain to make any reader laugh, is when Snicket provides a unique definition for a word.  Yes, When Did You See Her Last?, Snicket’s latest adventure, is sure to elicit laughs and to be enjoyed by readers young and old alike!


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