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Bone Blind - Abigail Padgett

I got a free download of Bone Blind on Amazon.  In exchange, I offer the author this, my honest review. 


Finn Ryan is an author.  Horror stories are his bailiwick.  Specifically, zombie stories set in Victorian times.  His work is renowned.  His research on everything from nineteenth century embalming practices to Victorian psychiatric hospitals to fairy lamps is detailed.  For example, Finn considers:  does his story require that he refer to the fabric in question as “crepe”—a rumpled fabric, or “crape”—a fabric in black?  But, Finn’s personal life is in a bit of a shambles.  Carrying guilt for not having been where he should have been some years back, on a cold night that nearly cost his daughter, Katie, her life, Ryan does all he can to protect Katie.  So, what happens when he invests his time and attention on another horror writer and famous recluse, Tally Serzak?  Is Tally the woman responsible for the twenty-year-old murder of a Boston man?  And, if so, what danger does that present to Finn himself—or to his beloved Katie?


My favorite part of Bone Blind was the realistic manner in which Padgett presented the ways of an author.  She discusses how a horror writer spends time on creating atmosphere; how a writer of romance reflects on the “concern of the female with corralling the male to his functions as father and breadwinner;” how mystery writers ponder over and then present the puzzle pieces.  It was the little thoughts that Finn had as he wrote—like wondering whether horses were made uneasy with the smell of death and because he was unsure, adding a white mongrel dog into his scene—that brought Padgett’s story to life and that made it feel so genuine. 


With a backdrop of the world of writers in general, and the lives of the two authors, Finn and Tally in particular, Padgett creates a story that is part horror (that being the story that Ryan is writing), part romance (that being Finn and Tally’s—somewhat odd—relationship) and part mystery (as the local, soon to retire detective Warren Yost seeks to end his career with the final hurrah by discovering the murderer of a 20-year old case).


I very much enjoyed Bone Blind and I highly recommend it lovers of mysteries!


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