Tattooed and Imprisoned?

Steamed (A Maid in LA Mystery) - Holly Jacobs

I got a free download of Steamed:  A Maid in LA Mystery from Amazon.  I thank the author and in exchange I offer this, my honest review.


Quincy Mac is the odd one out in her family.  While her parents and siblings are all doctors, Quincy opted for a different life.  Divorced and raising three teen boys, Quincy runs a maid service in L.A.  The story opens with Quincy at home alone while her three boys are off with their father and his newest young wife (who Quincy likes so well that she’s considered adopting) for an extra long holiday.  But trouble begins when Quincy fills in for one of her staff to clean the home of a Hollywood award winner and while there, discovers the dead body of the homeowner.  Will the police think Quincy is the guilty party in light of her having cleaned up all of the evidence of the crime?  If so, she could end up in prison (and tattooed like her uncle—the only other black sheep in the family)!


Steamed kept me laughing.  It was quite funny!   However, while Quincy was amusing and generally likeable, she was also—a ditz.  While 38 years old, the mother of three and a business owner, it seems Quincy must have something on the ball.  But, that either is not the case, or Quincy prefers to give the impression that she is just empty-headed and foolish.  While the depth of her silliness might be understandable (I suppose) for a teen, even tolerable (though barely) for a young adult, it was not at all attractive on a grown woman.  It was no wonder that others, including Quincy’s own parents, treated Quincy as though she was not all that capable. . . .  So, the story was funny—but it would have been a lot funnier if Quincy was either: (1) younger, not the mother of three nearly grown children and a businesswoman from whom you would expect more; or (2) not so incredibly foolish.  Having said that, if you want a good laugh and you don’t mind a largely “vacant” heroine, you will enjoy this one!


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