Eastern Influences

Autumn Magic - Triana Willard

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The beautiful cover of Autumn Magic hints at the eastern influences in Triana Willard’s story of Wren, the youngest daughter of a family that has been exiled to live a great distance from the city.  When Wren’s mother arranges a marriage for Wren’s sister, Sky, to a distant cousin, the family prepares for the great wedding day.  Shortly after Sparrowhawk, the groom, his parents and their entourage arrive, the ceremony is to take place.  But before the nuptials are completed, the bride and the other wedding guests suddenly turn into black swans that fly away.  Only Wren and Sparrowhawk are left behind, both having been protected from the magic that transformed their loved ones.  Together Wren and Sparrowhawk journey to find Sky and their other family members and to save them from the dark magic of the witch that seeks to destroy Sparrowhawk’s family.


In Autumn Magic, young readers will find courage with Wren, as she sets out to go beyond the furthest borders she has ever known in order to save her family.  They will watch as Wren struggles to determine whether Sparrowhawk can be trusted.  They will grieve upon learning that someone Wren had always trusted would betray her.  They will be filled with wonder at the creatures created by magic that Wren and Sparrowhawk must overcome.  With smooth prose and a unique story setting, Triana Willard takes her readers on an fantasy adventure that will have them discovering, as does Wren, that they too can face and overcome whatever fears and hardships might visit them.


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