Cowboy Zombie Stories

The Lost Party (Red Dust) - Ben Dixon, Sam Campbell

(I said I'd read most anything!  Here's your proof!  —Cowboy zombie stories!)



Having posted in a Goodreads’ Review Initiative thread that I was willing to review works, the authors requested my review of two short stories, The Lost Party and Feud. I was provided a copy of both in exchange for my fair and honest review. (These reviews were previously posted in the nearly identical form at and on Goodreads.)

Sometimes I begin my review with a comment on how “readable” I found the work at issue to be, in light of overall editing issues. They happen—and often, they can be disregarded. Unfortunately, in the case of these stories, I found a number of issues that made the reading quite difficult. I understand that the authors were going to work with someone to resolve these issues, but cannot say to what extent that may have been done.


The Lost Party is the story of Masterson’s efforts to save a caravan that, while moving west, was overtaken by zombies. The authors did a good job of setting the stage. I could feel the cold wind; I could sense Masterson’s fear of failure; I could—and did—shudder at what the traveler’s believed themselves forced to do in light of their growing hunger. . . .  


In Feud, we find the standard western town, complete with a saloon, a bartender, dancing girls, a sheriff and a lone stranger traveling through. At issue is how to rid the town of the invading zombies in light of two powerful men—former friends—now enemies—who espouse different means for resolving the situation. While Griffin, the lone stranger, seeks to find justice, he loses a bit of himself along the way. 


Overall, I was intrigued by the concept of using the wild west as a setting for these stories—because really!—who ever heard of a cowboy zombie story? It is hard to imagine that such a sub-sub-genre in fiction even exists! Still, I expect there is a fan-base for these works and those fans are likely to enjoy these stories.