Deconstructing a Mystery

Designed to Kill - Chester D. Campbell

I received a copy of Designed to Kill (Greg McKenzie Mysteries #2) as a free download on Amazon.  In exchange, I offer this author this, my honest review.


I have been enjoying a number of mysteries of late.  I’m not sure why I’ve been picking them up, but they have been a welcome change from my generally preferred genre.  (This may be, in part because I don’t write mysteries.  Thus, I don’t ever find myself wondering what might have happened if . . . . )


With a clear understanding of the area of Florida in which the story is set and a firm grasp of general construction principles, Campbell tells a tale in which McKenzie and his wife, Jill, set out to solve a mystery.  The two seek to determine if the death of the son of their best friends, a man who built an upscale beachfront condominium, was a suicide—as had been claimed—or murder.  With the assistance of some locals and friends from McKenzie’s former law enforcement days, McKenzie and Jill thwart the efforts of those seeking to keep facts buried while avoiding the local mafia types and upsetting law enforcement personnel.  Together, they unravel the mystery, bring the culprits to justice, and are able to bring some peace to their best friends.


Designed to Kill moved quickly, included sufficient elements of surprise to keep me reading, and drew a believable relationship between McKenzie and Jill.  As is often the test for me with books in series, I had to ask myself if I would read more.  The answer is a simple “yes!”


Find, follow and fan Campbell on Goodreads here and check out his website here.  Designed to Kill is available from Amazon here and from Barnes and Noble here.