We Quills are back with more flash fiction fun! (Do you hear that crowd cheering?)


Robin Lythgoe, author of As the Crow Flies, selected our prompt this time. 



Please take a look at what we each came up with and if you'd like to share a story of your own, we'd be delighted!


It is Truly Magic

by Patricia Reding

Copyright Patricia Reding 2021


Some say it doesn’t exist.

But they are wrong.

It does. It does.  

“It does!” Nellie cried, as though repeating her mantra, whether in her mind, or verbally, would make it so. 

She pulled her boots on, then wriggled her toes, testing . . .


I hope you enjoyed that. Now, for Robin Lythgoe's tale.



Robin is running a bit behind, but is sure to catch up in short order. For now, check out her site here.



P.S. Broaddus. What have you for us?  



by P.S. Broaddus

Copyright P.S. Broaddus 2021


People don’t talk about it, probably because they don’t remember, but being eight is the hardest age. Even harder than being a junker. Or a evaporative farmer, or whatever we are now.


I guess it didn’t start right when I turned eight. So maybe it’s eight and a half. (Turning seven was even awesomer, ’cause that’s when I got my goggles, and my nickname, “Gogs.”) Even so, turning eight was pretty good . . .


Thank you so much, Parker!


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