Fantasy for Children of All Ages

Truth Teller (The Truth Teller Series, #1) - Kurt Chambers

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Children will be drawn to this story of elves, druids, dwarves, trolls, monsters—and magic! Truth Teller, by Kurt Chambers, opens with Charlotte, a curious child, on holiday with her family. Running out of time before she must return to her everyday life, Charlotte sets out to find gifts for her friends back home. Ambling along the stone walkway, she steps into an alley at the end of which, Charlotte finds a shop. Charlotte wanders in, browses the shelves, and there she discovers a crystal orb. 

Encouraged by the shopkeeper, Goffer, to take the orb at no charge—if Charlotte will but care for it and promise always to tell the truth—Charlotte could not know that in doing so, the crystal orb would soon take her on a journey to another realm. Tragedy follows when the orb, needed to return Charlotte home, is lost. Will Charlotte, with the assistance of her new-found elven friends, find it? And, is Charlotte the Truth Teller foretold of in prophecy? Young readers will be anxious to read and to discover the answers to these questions for themselves.

Chambers has created a fantasyland full of creative characters—some friendly, some dastardly. As Charlotte travels with the elves, Elderfield and his father, Middleton, to find Goffer and the lost orb, young readers will find magic and mystery, will cringe with fear of monsters, and will cheer for Charlotte. Truth Teller offers smooth prose, well-drawn characters, and a creative story line. While there is some violence (when Dagan fights through the pack of trolls, for example) it is not too graphic, nor does it continue too long for the 3-5 grade reader. Indeed, it is precisely such scenes that add authenticity to the story. As this is the first in a series—readers will be delighted with the reward of more to come.

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