What is the Hidden Treasure?

Captain Crossbones in The Treasure Hunt - Victor amon Mojica

Reviewed by Patricia Reding for Readers' Favorite at ReadersFavorite.com.

From the Dedication “to all the world’s children,” to the last page, Captain Crossbones in the Treasure Hunt, written and illustrated by Victor Ramon Mojica, delivers a delightful tale for children of all ages. In verse form, Captain Crossbones tells of a treasure he must seek. With his ship and pirate crew prepared for a long journey, Crossbones and his men cross stormy seas to find a treasure island. There they follow a treasure map that requires they ford streams, forge through forests, and pass under an ancient arch. Ultimately, Captain Crossbones and his men come upon the place where the treasure rests. Children will delight to learn what the treasure is and parents will enjoy reading the tale, each time reaffirming to their children, the importance of that treasure.

Along with the clever prose, Mojica has delivered, in Captain Crossbones in the Treasure Hunt, wonderful illustrations. The shells upon the sandy beach, the earrings in the pirates’ ears, the patches over the pirates’ eyes, the rust upon the lock that holds the treasure chest closed, even the outline of each page—which shows the story told upon frayed paper—emphasize Mojica’s attention to detail. The colors are bold and the expressions of the cast of characters readily identifiable. The surroundings—from the sandy beach—to the fern laden green forest—to the starry night sky—add a sense of both mystery and authenticity to the story. Mojica brings children a story they are sure to want to hear again and again. Indeed, I predict they may even begin to recite it! 

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