A Drift of Quills for January 2018


Happy New Year to one and all! It is hard to believe that 2017 is already a part of the history books. Now I look eagerly toward all great things for 2018.

This month we Quills are writing about what has or does inspire us to write and/or or what may have inspired us to write a particular work.

First up is Robin Lythgoe, author of As the Crow Flies and Blood and Shadow.



As I near the day I push the “publish” button for the second book in The Mage’s Gift, this seems a good time to reflect on the motivation behind the story. I think it was years in the making, and I think I will say the same about all my books and stories. What does inspire me? What prompts me to set pen to paper (I really did start out that way), and then fingers to keyboard? I’m inclined to call it "magic" . . .


The best part of our monthly posts for me, is reading what my fellow Quills have to say. Thank you, Robin!

Now I turn my attention to P.S. Broaddus's comments. Parker is the author of A Hero's Curse. What say you, Parker?



I like the question "what inspired you?" To inspire is to motivate, to encourage, to incite. It is an action that is uniquely intimate through its connection with personal desire. It touches on motivations and vocations, capturing both the mind and the heart. To be inspired is a special thing, and to inspire others an almost otherworldly, yet, perhaps, a worthy goal. Depending on the end. Depending on what you inspire your neighbor toward.

Is it my turn now? Is it really my turn now?

Yes, it is! So, here are my thoughts . . .


Taking a short hiatus from writing my fantasy series (The Oathtaker Series) over the past few months, I’ve been working instead on a non-fantasy story entitled, So I Opened My Mouth and Screamed. It will be published in 2018.

This story is near and dear to my heart, as being aware of a real-life story with which this one shares features, I felt I had to write it. It opens when a young man breaks and enters into the home of a family and, armed with a knife, sexually assaults the youngest family member (a young woman just turned 16) and threatens her not to call for help. I don’t want to give away the details, but the young woman in question is/was not your typical 16-year old. Rather than being a victim to the demands of her unknown assailant, she did precisely what he demanded she not do . . .


That's it for this time around. Thank you for joining us. Please leave your comments and stop by our sites again soon!