A "Fly on the Wall" Thriller

Hoke (A Fly-On-The-Wall Thriller, #1) - Vivien Braslau

Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite (at ReadersFavorite.com). 

At the author’s request, this review does not reveal the main character’s vocation or the story’s key plot points.

The thriller, Hoke, by Vivien Braslau, opens with Hoke and his lovely wife, Maria, who are visiting with Hoke’s best friend, Bobby, at Bobby’s estate. Hoke and Bobby have known one another since they were just boys, but ultimately the two made very different lives for themselves. While Bobby pursued riches and the power that goes with what money can buy, Hoke pursued a uniquely different path to power. Recently, Hoke suffered a heart issue, leaving those around him concerned for his welfare. But Hoke, ever the storyteller and center of attention, brushes off those concerns. He could not know, when surrounded by family and friends that his position has opened him to being compromised by those who would seek to damage all that Hoke loves. So, when Hoke finds himself in a bind, trying to provide the things for Maria that so very few (like Bobby) are ever able to possess, Hoke puts everything on the line. Will he be able to back away before ruining himself, his career and reputation, and his family? Readers are held spellbound to find out just that.

Braslau’s Hoke, which provides readers a glimpse into the lives of the powerful and influential, is a suspense thriller that will keep readers asking for more. When Hoke experiences troubled times, readers will feel Hoke’s fear and depression. When Hoke is faced with potential calamity, readers will urge Hoke to ask for help. When Hoke reaches in one direction, readers will want to steer him in another, then will cringe in anticipation of the price Hoke will likely pay if he should make the wrong decision. Braslau tells a genuine tale of how difficult it can be for someone to admit failure and ask for help—how urgent is the sense of need to save face. Along the way, readers' hearts will trip a little faster as the noose tightens and, just when Hoke thinks the pressure has been released, will jitter with anticipation of what is to come. Braslau has provided thriller lovers with an entertaining, well-researched, read!

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