A Drift of Quills for September 2016


It is September--and time for we Quills to get together for our joint post. This month we are sharing our thoughts about some of our favorite reads.


Well, Robin Lythgoe, author of As the Crow Flies, I can just imagine you mulling this one over. What have you come up with for us?



After standing in front of my bookshelves tapping my chin and saying, "Hmm...Hmm..." several times, I finally chose Fortress in the Eye of Time, by D.J. Cherryl, the first of her incredible "Fortress" series. Dontcha love when there's a whole string of scrumptiousness lined up when you get to the end of a book and wish for more?


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Next up is our newest member, P.S. Broaddus, author of A Hero's Curse. So, Parker, what witty things do you have for us this time?



We are fond of our pets. We have a dog, Indiana (Indiana Jones reference, anyone? "We named the dog Indiana!"), who is one part funny, two parts hardheaded, but all three parts loving. (Remember The Incredible Journey? We thought we were getting Shadow, but Indy is really more like Chance.) So when you find a tale (oh no, puns...) with talking animals, there is nothing to do but read and share.


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Finally, it's my turn. It's my turn!


For my part, I'm going to share about the work of an author I met at the LIterary Classics awards ceremony this past April. Amalie Jahn writes YA si-fi. In her debut novel, The Clay Lion, Jahn asks young readers to consider what they might do if they could go back in time to save someone they love. I previously reviewed The Clay Lion, and now would like to share some of my thoughts with you.


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