A Drift of Quills - February 2016 - Social Media


This month we Quills are writing about social media. What is our favorite outlet and why?


I'll go ahead, then share Robin Lythgoe's comments.


An author's being active on social media is necessary these days. It is a way to get one's name out and to help to build a following. But it takes precious time from one's craft, and we writers are often left wondering if it is all worth it. Then, along came Bublish (at www.Bublish.com). Without a doubt, I've dome to love this tool.


These days, it is fairly easy to discover what readers think of works . . .



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Next up, is Robin Lythgoe, author of As the Crow Flies. Here's what Robin has to say:



Oh, decisions! Decisions! There are so many outlets to choose from and so many reasons to choose them (or not)! It's no surprise that they each accomplish different things, so if I wanted to be technical (I don't. Lucky you.), I'd list which ones are my favorites for which purposes. But . . . 


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