Yes, perhaps I shouldn't promote giveaways on another site here. Still, if you want in on the fun, it ends tomorrow.



Join the nearly 1100 people (1099 at this moment), who've signed up for their chance to win a copy of Oathtaker: The Oathtaker Series, Book One, on GoodReads here.


As noted in the giveaway details, the winners who contact me will also receive an e-copy of Select: The Oathtaker Series, Book Two, for their Kindle or Nook, as they choose.


Enter quickly, for your chance to win.  


Oh--and while you're there, sign up for the giveaway in process for Select here. (Winners of that book who contact me, will be provided with an e-copy of Oathtaker for their Kindle or Nook, as they choose.)