January 2015 - A Drift of Quills


After having taken a bit of a hiatus from posting for the Quills in December, I am ready to begin the New Year! What better way to do so than to join my fellow Quills in a treasure hunt through our book shelves. So, here goes!


Robin Lythgoe, author of As the Crow Flies is up first.



Rummaging through my bookshelves (both physical and digital) makes me feel like a dragon admiring its treasure. I have silver and gold, precious jewels, priceless collections of beautiful words at my very fingertips! The hardest part of this task? Getting sidetracked. I want to read this! no, this one! And that one, too! Oh, it's been a long time since I've read <fill in the blank, there are lots of options>! I got so sidetracked, in fact, that it took me three attempts to collect the actual goodies.


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Next up is Kristie Kiessling. I wonder what she found . . . ?



A Scavenger Hunt is fine for parties and kids in college. What we have here is a Scavenger Hunt involving books, and therefore, I deem it a Snark Hunt! Since I am often easily charmed with smiles and soap . . . I endeavored to find ONE book with all ten. 


When that didn't work . . . 


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Finally, here are my search results:


A book with the letter "J" -- This one is fairly easy--Jekyll and Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson. Oh yes, I know, the full name is The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but most refer to it by its shortened name and so too, will I. This is a great read, showing . . . 


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