She had me at "Hello"

Hello From the Gillespies - Monica McInerney

I reviewed Hello from the Gillespies for NetGalley.

It is hard to know where to begin with a review for Hello from the Gillespies, by Monica McInerney, as there was so much to enjoy about this story. When Angela Gillespie sits down to write her annual Christmas letter, just as she has done every year for the past thirty-three years, she is overcome with frustration and hurt. Rather than write her typical missive, one that tells only good news, Angela takes the opportunity to vent. She is frustrated with her grown children who can’t seem to get things in order, with the fact that her ten-year old son still has an invisible friend, and with her husband, who has been ignoring her. Angela has no intention of sending her letter out. But . . . 


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