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I lead a double life. An attorney by day, I read and write fantasy during my off hours. . . . 




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Select: The Oathtaker Series, Volume Two, has been named a Semifinalist in The 2017 Kindle Book Review Awards! How exciting! 


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A Better Understanding



No One Needed to Know, by D. G. Driver, opens when Heidi (who so wishes she’d been named something more fitting, like “Storm”), and her brother, Donald, engage in a make-believe battle on a “boat” set that sits in the midst of their local park. Right off, the reader learns something interesting about Heidi . . . 


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What Was That About Gnomes?

The Six - K.B. Hoyle

In my experience, the hardest age group for which one can find engaging, well-written stories, is middle grade--and in particular for the third-fourth grade or so. These young people have . . . 


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More Time Traveling for Middle-Graders


C.M. Huddleston, a retired Registered Professional Archaeologist, treats middle grade readers to another adventure in her Literary Classics award-winning, Greg's Second Adventure in Time. A time traveler by virtue of . . . 


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Girl "Super" Heroes

Little Katie Goes to the Moon - Carmela Dutra


My 21-year old daughter mentioned to me the other day, the difficulty she has in finding "girl super-hero stories" for the little one she nannies. We talked about . . .


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A Whole New World

A Shift Toward Prey (Chronicles of the Fringe) (Volume 1) - Natalie Allison


Every now and then I hear someone say that she is not a fan of "fantasy." That always makes me chuckle, because I'm fairly certain that if asked, most of the people who say that would admit that the stories they most enjoyed (whether reading them or watching them in movie form) over the past years, will include a healthy number of stores with some element of fantasy/magic . . . 


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The Michael Neill Adventures Continue

Eye of Charybdis (The Michael Neill Adventure Series) (Volume 4) - Steve Wilson

Author Steve Wilson delights readers with his fourth Michael Niell Adventure, the award-winning Eye of Charybdis. When Marine Corps . . . 


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An Award-Winning Re-Telling


The cover of Beauty and the Beast offers the single word that best describes the adventure to be found within its award-winning pages. You see, this telling is one that is "reimagined" by Rebecca Hammong Yager. So it is that through Yager's  . . . 


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A Hearty Combination of "Sass" and "Respect"

Greg's First Adventure in Time (Adventures in Time) - C. M. Huddleston

C.M. Huddleston has hit upon the secret of good reading for middle-graders in her award-winning Greg's First Adventure in Time. The formula includes taking a respectful but sarcastic 12-year old boy, an adult ready to share an interesting life calling . . . 


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How Many Have You Visited?

Fifo "50 States" - Hayley Rose, Jessie B. Orlet

Hayley Rose does it again with her award-winning Fifo "50 States," illustrated by Jessie B. Orlet. In its pages, Rose takes young readers on a journey across the continental . . .


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Human Interaction

Criminal - K.B. Hoyle

In Criminal, Book 2 of her award-winning The Breeder Cycle stories, K.B. Hoyle leads readers through the continuing adventures with Pria and her new found friends, members of The Freedom Fighters, a group of those who refuse the ways of the Unified World Order.


Having determined. . . 


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Ephemeral and Fleeting - Patricia Reding

I am thrilled to announce that Ephemeral and Fleeting, has won a SILVER medal in the Literary Classics 2017 International Book Award Contest. This is great news, as this award means that all three volumes of The Oathtaker Series published to date, are LC award winners! 

A Deserving Award-Winner!

BREEDER, by K.B. Hoyle


It quickly becomes clear when reading Breeder, why K.B. Hoyle is an award-winning author. Specifically, Breeder, Book One of The Breeder Cycle, is a Literary Classics and a Readers’ Favorite award winner. From the opening pages, I knew that I was in for a treat. While I don’t read a lot of science fiction or dystopian stories, I can enjoy a well-thought through, well-constructed story in any genre—and Breeder certainly hit all of the marks for me.



K.B. Hoyle introduces readers to an approved Breeder for the Controlled Repopulation Program, who resides at Sanctuary. One of a group of young women that the Unified World Order (UWO) holds because they are of “perfect” genetic background, the breeders’ job is to be “happy” and to provide Contributions—in the form of newborns. Initially identifying only as resident number “Seventeen,” Hoyle’s young protagonist recalls (at the prompting of another) her former name: Pria. Not long thereafter, she finds herself questioning the system in which she lives and spirals into a deep depression. Later, during a visit to the medical unit, she meets Pax. Pax—who should long ago have met his end in that he exhibits physical characteristics that clearly identify him as one who is not of acceptable genetic lineage--convinces Pria that her life is in danger and that she should escape with him. The two manage to leave Sanctuary, then head into the mountains of the territory formerly known as Colorado. There they meet up with a group of renegades intent on bringing the UWO and its lies to an end. But first they need information to which only Pria can provide them access.


Breeder was a quick and very satisfying read. The characters were real, full, and interesting. The setting met the story. The world Hoyle built satisfied this reader’s expectations. To top it all off, Breeder concluded with a satisfying “end.” But even with all of that, this reader is delighted to know that there is more to come, in Criminal: The Breeder Cycle, Volume Two. I look forward to discovering more about Pria, Pax, and all of their newfound friends (and enemies!). If you enjoy YA or are looking for engaging, well-written, “clean” stories for young readers, look no further than Breeder.

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Thursday, June 16, 2017: Ephemeral and Fleeting is named a Finalist in the Literary Classics 2017 International Book Award Contests. Final placements to be announced soon!


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